Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ketogenic Diet

I have been aware of the benefits of the Paleo Diet for some time, but recently became aware of the Ketogenic Diet which is even more carb restrictive, and which has benefited many in reversing cancer, among other health problems.
The Ketogenic Diet transforms the body's metabolism to function on ketone bodies as an energy source rather than glucose or sugar. Cancer cells are unable to use ketone bodies as an energy source and starve to death, while normal cells function perfectly well on them.
Because sugar contributes to aging, and to deterioration of blood vessels associated with heart problems, eliminating it should improve longevity substantially.
Here are a couple of links to more information about the Ketogenic Diet.
Mercola's Ketogenic Diet article
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Important Information Regarding Vaccinations

There are always new things to learn about health and healing. I need to update this blog more frequently with new discoveries.
Recently I discovered a site dedicated to helping put a stop to the atrocity of immunization. When all the data is analyzed, the death toll from immunizations far outweighs the number of lives saved. This website has a wealth of information every parent should be aware of:

Within that wealth of information I came across a not surprising bit of information which shows that low Vitamin C in children who are vaccinated increases the risk of death and damaging side effects, while supplementing with high amounts of Vitamin C reduced the negative effects. Interestingly, intravenous injections of ascorbate, the salt form of Vitamin C, healed children with measles very quickly.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Optimizing Health

Modern medicine focuses on symptoms rather than the causes of diseases. Physicians study pathology and learn the drugs and techniques to respond to pathologies. Little effort is directed towards understanding the ideal of human health and how to support it.
Without understanding ideal health, which should be everyone's goal, we are unlikely to achieve it.
Some common sense warnings are very sensible, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are obviously destructive. Exercise is beneficial, yet there is great confusion as to what type and how much, with many myths competing for dominance. We are warned against salt and cholesterol, yet science doesn't support the paranoia. Fat is demonized while sugar, which is much more harmful gets a pass.

We have been warned away from large doses of Vitamin D because it is oil soluble, yet recent science has shown that amounts of 20 to 25 times the RDA of 400 IU are necessary for good health. I have taken 6000 IU daily for some years and have now increased my intake to 8000 IU.
The RDA for Vitamin C has been around 100 mg, yet other mammals synthesize their own Vitamin C at levels which would equate to about 17,000 mg daily for an adult male. Linus Pauling, the Nobel Prize winning scientist who long advocated increasing Vitamin C intake, had a patent with a German medical doctor for reversing heart disease by increasing daily intake to 5000 mg and adding the amino acids proline and lysine.
Many have also found relief from lower back pain by increasing Vitamin C intake to levels of 5000 mg daily. Personally, I try to maintain an intake of at least 4000 mg daily.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Earthing... neutralizing free radicals

We constantly hear about free radicals, and how we need anti-oxidants to combat them. Free radicals are molecules, technically ions, which have a positive charge.  They need an electron to be neutralized. Our red blood cells will sacrifice an electron in order to neutralize free radicals, but the cost is that when the normal negative charge on red blood cells is absent, they will no longer repel each other and they will clump together.  This clumping prevents them from passing through capillaries freely and circulation is compromised. By electrically connecting our bodies to earth, which is a source of limitless electrons, we restore the proper electrical balance to our bodies. 
Personally, I have been sleeping grounded, using a very simple system of a 3 foot long piece of bare wire connected to the ground of an electrical outlet and laid across the top of the bottom sheet of my bed, for about a year now. It has eliminated the occasional stiffness in my lower back in the morning. 
Hopefully this introduction will encourage you to learn more at the Earthing Institute website:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Does the FDA make us healthier?

FDA regulators take great care of PHARMA and poison the population with meds which turn out to be deadly.
Accepted medical procedure in the early 1950's for an infant with a swollen thymus gland...give that pesky thymus a big dose of X-rays. Thyroid cancer and other problems later in life? Doctor is too dead to sue. It was a wakeup to me when I was told in the 1970's that I was the guinea pig and that I should have my thyroid checked every year as a consequence. By God's grace I haven't had any problems, but many weren't so fortunate.
All this to say, don't expect the gov to watch out for your interests, they really don't care. Learn and investigate for yourself, you may be sickened by what you discover, but that should pass and your long term health should improve. That is my prescription for health of every kind, physical, spiritual, mental, financial. It is your life so take care of it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Calcium supplements increase risk of stroke and heart attack

The newest findings indicate that inorganic calcium as a supplement increases risk of illness rather than strengthening our bodies as we might expect.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bear Clover and cancer

My interest in Bear Clover began when I met Bill Cressman in about 2003 at his home above Tollhouse, California on Peterson Road.  He was in his 80's at the time, and he told me that when he was a child, that he and a friend were paid to collect Bear Clover which a man sold in Fresno as a cure for cancer.  He also told me that when his mother was in her 50's, and sick, that when the doctors operated they had found inoperable cancer and had told her there was nothing they could do.  She went home, drank a tea made from the Bear Clover, and that she lived to her 80's.  Bill has since passed away, and I did not get details of how much bear clover she used in the tea or how much of the tea she drank.  I have made and drunk some tea made from the Bear Clover, and the taste is pretty strong, though if effective, that would be a small sacrifice to make.
The following link shows pictures of the plant and the areas where it grows in California.

I would appreciate input and experiences which anyone could share about Bear Clover.