Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Does the FDA make us healthier?

FDA regulators take great care of PHARMA and poison the population with meds which turn out to be deadly.
Accepted medical procedure in the early 1950's for an infant with a swollen thymus gland...give that pesky thymus a big dose of X-rays. Thyroid cancer and other problems later in life? Doctor is too dead to sue. It was a wakeup to me when I was told in the 1970's that I was the guinea pig and that I should have my thyroid checked every year as a consequence. By God's grace I haven't had any problems, but many weren't so fortunate.
All this to say, don't expect the gov to watch out for your interests, they really don't care. Learn and investigate for yourself, you may be sickened by what you discover, but that should pass and your long term health should improve. That is my prescription for health of every kind, physical, spiritual, mental, financial. It is your life so take care of it.

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